Welcome to iQuest Recruitment System

Welcome to iQuest Recruitment System!

iQuest Recruitment System is a Web Based Recruitment System. The software has been developed to answer the rapid development of companies wherein most systems could not keep in pace with the constant change of the processes involved in recruitment activies. Innovative minds offers this technology and trends to easily adapt to the users needs through versatility.

What are the benefits of using iQuest?

  • Applicants will be reviewed with the exact criteria and requirements for the job.
  • Users could easily manage the entire process from handling applicants, scheduling, profiling, and tracking progress
  • Improved experience for the applicants.
  • Ease and efficiency for the employers.
  • Reduced costs through e-recruitment and online processing.
  • Ability to apply to job vacancies.
  • Applicants can be contacted individually or collectively reducing the time, effort and cost of the administration staff.
  • Applicants will receive a higher quality of service where they could confirm appointments online.
  • Reduced time to hire to produce economic impact to create productive employees.
  • Applicants will be rated based on their qualifications and evaluations for employment and immigration purposes.
  • Video will be streamed letting the employers view while downloading letting them choose the speed based on their internet connection.