iQuest Video Interview Help

The Video Interview screen shows the videoclip of an applicant during his/her initial interview and a summary of how he was assessed.

The top container consists of the applicant's name and applicant number. The 2nd container shows the videoclip of the applicant during his interview. The third container shows the summary of how the applicant was assessed presented in a table with the criteria being the appearance, personality, experience, knowledge, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The name of the evaluator is also shown with the remarks that he/she placed on the applicant. Please see the legend below for the description of the assessment:

  1. EX
  2. - Excellent
  3. VG
  4. - Very Good
  5. G
  6. - Good
  7. F
  8. - Fair
  9. FI
  10. - For Improvement